Weather Modification


 Weather Modification Experimentation, Analysis, Verification

 기상조절 실험·분석·검증  

Core Contents

DIGIQUAY Co., Ltd. is upgrading weather control (artificial rainfall, artificial expansion), experimental design, experimental effect analysis and verification, experimental equipment aviation, and ground automatic experiment technology based on the experience of weather control experts who have carried out projects for a long time. I have the skills and know-how of experts in the field of weather control for more than 15 years.

  • Experience in developing weather control experiment and verification technology using air radar for the first time in Korea
  • Has weather control technology using ground equipment, unmanned drones, and aircraft (artificial rainfall, artificial snow, fog reduction)
  • Experimental design and performance for effective weather control experiments and possessing technology for analysis of experimental effects
  • Having the ability and know-how to develop experimental equipment for the development of various weather control experimental technologies

Core Fields
/Possessed Technology

  • Applied weather
  • Atmospheric science
  • Artificiality
  • Development of Artificial Rainfall Technology
  • Development of Fog Reduction Technology
  • Development of Hydrological Resources Technology
  • Production and operation technology of unmanned drones
         (multicopter, vertical takeoff and landing drone (VTOL)
  • Aircraft-based experimental technology performance, analysis, and verification technology
  • Experiment, analysis, verification, and related equipment development and operation technology
  • Development of Artificial Snowfall Experiment Technology
  • Development of fine dust response technology
  • Cloud physics study
  • Cloud physics chamber operation and management technology
  • Development of experimental and verification equipment
  • Development and Operation Technology of Automatic Remote Ground Combustion System
  • Experimental Operation and Management Technology of Cloud Physics Chamber
  • Numerical Modeling Techniques for Cloud Physics
  • Weather-controlled numerical modeling technology

Core business

Performing a weather control experiment

  • Design and monitoring of artificial augmentation experiments
  • Conducting Artificial Expansion Aeronautical and Ground Tests
  • Design and conduct of fog reduction experiment

Analysis and Verification of Weather Control Experimental Effects

  • Processing of air and ground observation data
  • Cloud Microphysical Analysis and Verification of Experimental Effects
  • Statistical verification using long-term experimental data

Development of Experimental Equipment for Weather Control

  • Development of Ground Combustors and UAVs for Weather Control
  • Development of Remote Unmanned Seeding System for Weather Control
  • Purchase of combustion coal for weather control