Production of UHR Climate Information

Utilization of renewable energy, agriculture, coastal and port, civil engineering and construction, roads, smart cities, and smart farms

Precision Climate Information Production Technology

Precision Climate Information Production Technology

Data assimilation technology for calculating detailed weather and climate information for tens of meters to 100 meters
– Calculation of accurate detailed weather and climate information through data assimilation of numerical models and various observation information
– GIS-based spatial information, three-dimensional detailed weather analysis information, machine learning-based detailed weather climate prediction, and customized weather and climate information calculation

Production Concept of Precision Climate Information Customized to Consumers

Estimated 1 hour precipitation

2m altitude temperature

Wind at an altitude of 10 meters

Accuracy of precision climate information tailored to consumers

– Verification of detailed temperature information calculation data on Jeju Island with 30m ultra-high resolution
The correlation coefficient (r) is 0.9998, and the RMSE (mean square root error) value is 0.177℃, the highest accuracy in Korea

Root Mean Square Error

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