Company history

DigiQuay : Digital Quay - 디지털의 항만

DIGIQUAY Co., Ltd. is a precision technology company that provides ICT convergence solutions in the fields of environment, weather, marine, disaster, agriculture, and renewable energy based on the production, management, analysis, and prediction technology of ultra-high resolution precision data.


  • 2023

    February - Development of an A.I.-based fruit disease and diagnostic service platform app
    March - Korea Meteorological Administration selected a stereoscopic air quality observation service provider in the West Sea
    April - Automatic seeding experiment/application technology development operator for unmanned aerial vehicles
    May - Environmental Satellite (GEMS) algorithm improvement and selection of on-the-job operator

  • 2022

    January - Development of A.I.-based fruit disease prediction technology
    February - A.I.-based technology development of fruit tree disease and diagnostic service platform
    March - Selected as a self - flying drone - based weather control technology developer
    April - Environmental Satellite (GEMS) Visualization Technology Development Operator Selected
    May - Development of the web dashboard for monitoring Digiki automatic weather observation equipment
    October - Development of an automatic weather monitoring service platform app

  • 2021

    March - National Institute of Meteorological Sciences selects fog-reducing equipment developer
    May - Production of special mission-type automatic navigation drones
          - Development of Aeronautical Observation and Post-processing Technology
    July - Development of artificial intelligence (A.I.) convergence technology linked to precision weather information
    August - Selection of processing and supply operators for data voucher support projects in Korea
    September - Development of precision agricultural information big data deep learning and machine learning algorithms
    October - Development of artificial intelligence (A.I.) based crop disease prediction and diagnosis algorithms
           - Development of Unmanned Ground Combustion Remote System for Artificial Rainfall
    November - Acquisition of an excellent technology company for technology evaluation by an authorized institution (T-4)

  • 2020

    January - Development of urban climate environment analysis technology such as urban development and regeneration
    April - Acquires venture company certification
          - Development of Precision Meteorological and Climate Information Visualization Technology
    May - Korea Data Voucher Support Project Supply and Processing Business Selection
    August - Development of customized precision weather information data assimilation technology
    November - prototype development of ultra - high - resolution urban weather analysis solution
    December - Ministry of SMEs and Startups Selected as a Startup Growth Technology Development Operator

  • 2019

    February - Registration of R&D service industry certification by corporate affiliated research institute
    March - Development of customized precision weather information heterogeneous model linkage technology
    May - Development of ultra-precision RTK GPS automatic navigation drone technology
    June - Development of 100m precision weather information production technology (CAMMIS)
          - Development of 30m ultra-high resolution precision agricultural and environmental weather information production technology (DOASIS)
    September - Software Operator Certification
          - Proof of direct production confirmation (6 cases including big data)
    October - Development of 30m ultra-high resolution precision agricultural and climate information production and restoration technology
           - Development of precision weather information production technology in target area for customized
    November - Development of ultra-high resolution precision weather and climate calculation information verification technology
    December - Development of customized three - dimensional, ultra - high - resolution disease occurrence prediction model
           - Development of Urban Meteorological Analysis Technology Linked to Precision Meteorological Information and CFD
           - Selection of Urban Wind Road Simulation Technology Development Business Operator in Chuncheon City

  • 2018

    March - Establishment of micro - scale weather information production system
    September - Machine Learning/Deep Learning GPGPU Analysis System Established
    December - Development of micro-scale weather information production technology

  • 2017

    June - DigiQuay established. Business preparation (personnel, technology, organization, capital)