A.I. Analysis & prediction


Artificial Intelligence Analysis and Predition

A.I. 분석·예측  

Core Contents

DIGIQUAY Co., Ltd. has machine learning and deep learning A.I. analysis and prediction technology that combines ultra-high resolution weather data of 30m or less with big data in the fields of environment, weather, marine, disaster, agriculture, and renewable energy.

  • The quality level of diagnostic and prediction algorithms for disease occurrence in the field of open-air smart farms is 99% diagnostic and 85% prediction accuracy technology
         2.6×108 parameters, possessing grape-brown-patterned bottles
  • Has technology for predicting forest fire spread routes based on ultra-high resolution data, drone observation & machine learning algorithms
  • It has numerical modeling post-processing technology based on machine learning and deep learning algorithms

Core Fields
/Possessed Technology

  • Air Quality Analysis and Prediction
  • Development of Marine Information Analysis and Prediction Technology
  • Development of disaster response technologies such as floods, typhoons, and forest fires
  • Applied Weather and Climate Analysis and Prediction
  • Development of Smart Farm Disease Management Technology
  • Solar and Wind Power Location Selection and Prediction Technology

Core business

Development of A.I.-based technology for diagnosis and prediction of diseases of open-field fruit trees

  • 30m ultra-high resolution Jeju bluefin tuna ulcer disease prediction technology
  • Precision Data + HRD-PSA-K Model + A.I. Prediction Technology
  • Development of A.I. algorithm for diagnosis and prediction of grape-brown disease
  • Deep learning 20.7×108, Verification 5.2×108, 99.32%

Development of renewable energy management technology based on A.I.

  • Prediction technology for combined power generation of precision meteorological data under 30m or less
  • Location Analysis of 30m Resolution Using NASA DEM Data
  • Web, App, Google Earthc visualization technology

A.I. Production, Analysis, and Prediction of Hydrological and Flood Precision Data

  • Technology for Production and Management of Precision Meteorological and Climate Data under 30m
  • A.I.-based hydrological/flooding ultra-high resolution data production technology
  • Precision Weather Information + A.I.-based Flood Diagnosis and Prediction Technology
  • Web, App, Google Earthc visualization technology