Environmental, marine, meteorological, water resources and multi-satellite outputs

Satellite Data Visualization Solution



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Satellite Data Visualization Solution

Environmental satellite visualization results based on WebGL GPU parallelization programming
(improvement and commercialization in progress)

Solution Features


Model data layer configuration and overlap. Satellite Missing Complementary Visualization Technology

Reactive type

Web High Speed Programming and Reactive

Image/vector data

Develop visualization techniques tailored to data characteristics


Implementing 3D graphics, WebGL, Canvas2D, Container, Web Assembly

GLSL(OpenGL Shading Language)

CPU GPU Parallelization Programming Visualization Technology


Environmental, meteorological, and marine satellite calculation information visualization solution

Satellite Information Visualization Flowchart

Visualization Method of Satellite Information Complementation

Complementing the missing data by combining satellite information and numerical models

Satellite Information Visualization Solution Structure and Differentiation

  • GPU direct computational design and parallelization based on OpenGL ES 2.0 for faster user responsive processing and loading (within 0.5 seconds of notebook time)
  • Minimize system deployment costs, streamline resources, and secure with the latest APM and container technologies

✅ Providing Optimal Geographic Information through the Application of Map Projection Method

Lambert Conformal Conic Projection


  • One of the conical map projections with relatively high accuracy in the mid-latitude region
  • The area of the map projected in a projection manner that preserves the area is proportional to the actual area of the earth
  • The most accurate representation of the terrain of the area to be projected by adjusting the angle and center position of the projection cone
  • Consistent Operating Environment

· Container technology can be used to match the operating environment with the company’s development environment
· Container technology can be used to isolate software and provide a consistent operating environment to maintain consistency and stability between development and operations

GEMS Environmental Satellite Visualization Results

10m above ground wind, AOD, isometric line

  • Visualization for environmental satellite output characteristics without missing areas
  • Application of highly accessible web-based, user-responsive visualization techniques
  • Application of intuitive visualization techniques to effectively express two-dimensional spatio-temporal variability

Visualization of GOCI-Ⅱ Marine Satellite Information

Chlorophyll concentration(chlorophyll)

Sea Surface Current SSC

Areas of application





Renewable energy

Ground observation/analysis