High-Resolution Precision Data


 High-Resolution Precision Data 

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Core Contents

DIGIQUAY Co., Ltd. has ICT convergence solution development and service technology in environment, weather, marine, disaster, agriculture, A.I., and renewable energy based on the production, management, analysis, prediction, and visualization technology of ultra-high resolution precision data.

  • Standardization technologies such as collection, processing, processing, and quality control for data standardization
  • Customized precision data production, processing, and processing technologies
  • A.I. Machine Learning and Deep Learning Data Set Construction and Big Data Processing Technology

Core Fields
/Possessed Technology

  • Technology for Production and Management of Observation Data
  • Drone, ground, marine, aviation, satellite data processing technology
  • 3D array data processing technology such as GRIB, netCDF, and HDF
  • Development of Air Quality Analysis and Prediction Technology
  • Development of Hydrological and Flood Analysis and Prediction Technology
  • Development of Marine Information Analysis and Prediction Technology
  • Development of Disaster Response Technology for Flood, Typhoon, and Forest Fire
  • A.I. and Numerical Model Input Data Standardization
  • A.I. and statistical data construction and quality control standardization technologies
  • Development of Applied Meteorological and Climate Analysis and Prediction Technology
  • Development of ultra-high resolution visualization technology
  • Development of fine dust response technology
  • Development of Smart Farm Disease Management Technology
  • Development of Diagnostic and Analysis and Prediction Technology for New and Renewable Energy Complex

Core business

Development of ultra-high resolution precision weather and climate data production technology under 30m

  • Development of ultra-high resolution precision data production and verification technology using observational information + numerical model information
  • Development of 30m resolution location analysis technology using DEM data of NASA and National Geospatial Information Service
  • Development of consumer-customized ultra-high resolution precise climate information calculation technology considering 8 variables for the first time in Korea

Development of ultra-high-resolution input data production technology for observation, numerical data, and GIS-based environment, ocean, hydrology, and flood

  • Development of application data production and quality control technology based on precise weather and climate data under 30m
  • Development of ultra-high-resolution data production technology for floodgates and floods using topographical information and DEM data from NASA and National Geographic Information Institute
  • Development of ultra-high resolution precision data production technology combining QGIS + observational data + numerical model data

Development of 30m ultra-high resolution precision agricultural weather data production technology

  • Development of ultra-high resolution kiwi kiln ulcer disease prediction technology
  • HRD-PSA-K model + A.I. Building prediction technology input data
  • Establishment of numerical modeling input data for disease diagnosis and prediction for each crop